Andy Goldsworthy artwork

Andy Goldsworthy Part Two

For this art lesson we will be using stones to create art installations. There is more than one way to approach any art project; you could look at what materials you have available and then work out what you could create with those materials. Or you can think about what you would like to make and then source the materials you will need. One of the challenges of making art at the moment is finding materials, so I have approached this project by looking first at what materials (i.e. stones and pebbles) I have to hand.

Resources you will need to complete this activity:

  • 1. Access to stones and pebbles
  • 2. A location for your installiation
  • 3. A camera (a phone camera is great for this)

Activity 1: Preparation

I think it is a really good idea to take another look at Goldsworthy’s work before you get started. This time focus on his work with rocks and stones.

Andy Goldsworthy artwork

Gather up your materials. Consider your location and your audience. Start to plan your work. This can be just thinking about what you will be doing.

In my video below you will see that I have used smooth pebbles but you might prefer to use broken up bricks, jagged rocks or a combination of many different sorts of rock and stones. Even gravel scraped from the path can be used to draw with.

Activity 2: Practice

Have a couple of run-throughs; treat these as rehearsals and don’t try to make a finished installation. Remember experimenting is a crucial part of the artistic process.

Maybe try out your experimental installations on a smooth surface first (like a table or a paved area) so that you can easily re-use your materials without losing them in the grass. Also, this project is using stones, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t combine them with other materials. You are the artist so this is your choice.

Remember what we learnt last week; looking through a camera lens helps us to evaluate our art sometimes. Take photos of your experiments too, these will help to remind you what to include and what to leave out.

Activity 3: Making your Installation

Select your location, prepare it by tidying if necessary and start to create your work of art.

Get creative! I look forward to seeing your results.

Preparation for next lesson; we'll be using twigs and sticks but you don't need to gather them in advance