My Home Part One

Resources you will need to complete this activity:

  • 1. Pencils (ideally 2B, 4B, 6B)
  • 2. Cartridge paper
  • 3. Rubber
  • 4. Something to rest your paper on


For this lesson the preparation is really easy. I want you to look at a view of your house from the garden, or if you don’t have a garden then a view from a window. You should frame the view as shown in my video to see what the best composition will be. A camera can be really helpful for this. If the weather is grim then feel free to take a photo and work from this, but it is better to work from the real thing.

Main Activity

Remember when you are drawing buildings that the vertical lines always stay vertical. You can measure how far they are from the edge of your paper to get this right. Always press lightly until you are sure your marks are correct, when you can darken them up if you want. When correcting, draw in the new improved line before rubbing out the one you are replacing. Add shade and texture. Try to make sure you have different depths of shade from very light to very dark. You can only do this by looking at your object (in this case your home) very carefully. Enjoy!

Resources for next week

Paper, pencils, rubber, water-colour pencils