My Home Part Two

Resources you will need to complete this activity:

  • 1. Paper or sketch books
  • 2. Water colour crayons
  • 3. Paint brushes and water
  • 4. Pencil sharpener or craft-knife (with adult permission and/or supervision)

Main Activity

This week we are going to create the beginning of a landscape study of a view of your home and we will be using watercolour pencils. This activity will span two lessons over two weeks. Your first task is to select an interesting view. Ideally this should include some wall and some plants and flowers as I will be specifically talking about how to achieve these effects. Having gathered up your materials and selected your view I suggest you watch my video just prior to carrying out your drawing. You may want to complete your drawing in one or two sittings and if so I would suggest you rewatch the video before you return to your work. Please only get your basic shapes and background colours in as I will be showing you how to add the details next week.

Students that are joining me for zoom sessions please upload your pictures to the WhatsApp group before our zoom session.

Resources for next week

Started sketch (with background colours in and water applied, but now dry), Watercolour pencils, Jar of water, Paintbrushes