My Home Part Three


  • 1. Drawing started in last lesson
  • 2. Watercolour pencils
  • 3. Sharpener (or craft knife)
  • 4. Variety of brushes
  • 5. Water
  • 6. Tissue (for blotting excess water if necessary)

Main Activity

We will be adding depth of colour and detail to the drawings we started in the last session. This can be carried out in multiple sessions as shown in the video. The essential points are not to apply the water with a blanket stroke after details have been coloured in. Each small area of colour must be treated separately and the appropriate sized brush used. It is always a good idea to try a small practice sketch [separate to your main drawing] if you are using an unfamiliar technique. If, after applying water, you want to add extra layers of colour, using the pencils, you should make sure the drawing is completely dry first. This can be done either naturally, by leaving it in the sun, or for speed you can use a hair dryer. Please watch the video before starting this lesson and remember to constantly evaluate your work as you go.

Have fun!