Holiday Workshops

Most courses are single day workshops in which students will be taught the skills necessary to produce their own personal artwork.

Child's watercolour painting
Children's face painting workshop
Child's wax painting

As always all workshops will be taught by myself, Andrea Farndon. I am a qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience. I initially trained in 3D Design, specialising in ceramics. Classes larger than 10 children will have an additional adult present and no class will be larger than 16. All workshops take place at my studio on Stonepitts Farm, Seal Chart.

Workshop Schedule

Mon 13 Aug

Fish Plates (clay workshop)

Tues 14 Aug

Portrait Pots (clay workshop)

Wed 15 Aug

Chicken Sculptures (clay workshop)

Thurs 16 Aug

Jungle Scenes (silk painting)

Fri 17 Aug

Street Art (stencils + spray paints)

Mon 20 Aug

Pop-Up Art (paper + card engineering)

Tues 21 Aug

Venetian Masks (3D mixed media)

Wed 22 Aug

Marvellous Mobiles (felt + fabrics)

Thurs 23 Aug

Fabulous Fish (watercolour painting)

Fri 24 Aug

Crazy Birds (collage + painting)

To reserve a place on any of these courses, or if you have any further questions, please email:

Workshop Descriptions

Fish Plates (clay workshop) £60

Mon 13 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

In this clay workshop students will produce a large decorative platter with a relief fish design. We will start by producing drawn designs working from artists’ images to produce realistic, individual designs. On completion work will be glazed according to the students’ instructions and will be ready for collection at the beginning of September.

Pottery Course

Portrait Pots (clay workshop) £60

Tues 14 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

This is taking ugly mugs one stage further! We will start by forming large cylindrical pots before adding features. Students are welcome to bring a photo of a favourite relative to model from or just work from their own imaginations. Finished work would be suitable as plant pots, utensil stands or even very quirky vases. We will be working in terracotta clay which can be left plain or can be glazed in the student’s choice of colour. Work will be ready for collection at the beginning of September

Chicken Sculptures (clay workshop) £60

Wed 15 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

Artists throughout the ages have not been able to resist the quirky nature of our feathered friends. It is my intention that students will produce several small to medium sculptures, creating a little flock of chucks all in different poses and attitudes. We will use coloured engobes to decorate our sculptures and after bisque firing I will use clear glaze to further enhance the finished work. Work will be ready for collection at the beginning of September.

Jungle Scenes (silk painting) £60

Thurs 16 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

A silk painting workshop in which students will create their own design, inspired by both artist impressions and photographic images. They will then use gutta to transfer their designs onto the silk provided and then use the vibrant silk paints to bring their work to life. Finished silk pictures [approx. 35x45cm] will be ready to take home on the day and will look fabulous displayed anywhere around the home.

Street Art (stencils and spray paints) £60

Fri 17 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

A very popular workshop in which students will be taught how to create their own stencils. They will then use spray paints both free-hand and with their own stencils to create collaborative boards. We hope to be able to use the boards in and around the farm and possibly in other venues. Students will also produce their own smaller individual pieces to take home. This workshop will be run by artist/illustrators Leroy Farndon-Taylor and Gavin McPhail. Students will be using craft knifes in this workshop. They will be taught how to use them safely and responsibly.

Pop-Up Art (paper and card engineering) £60

Mon 20 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

Using their graphics and illustration skills, Leroy and Gavin will be teaching students simple techniques to make pop-up cards. Students will be guided to use their own imaginations to bring their original creations to life using a variety of techniques. A mixture of art and design technology that will delight and engage, this course will be particularly suited to children with good motor skills and an eye for detail. Dextrous students will use craft knives though some students may be better suited to using scissors.

Venetian Masks (3D mixed media) £60

Tues 21 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

Who can resist the sparkle and the intrigue of a Venetian mask? Designs will be created using images and examples of these beautiful masks, both historic and modern. Students will be given a plain form on which to build their exotic masks. We will start by using firm card to create individual shapes and elaborations. They will then use paint, sequins, feathers and gems to bring their designs to life. Finished work will be ready to take home on the day [but only if you can identify your own child in their disguise!]

Marvellous Mobiles (felt and fabrics) £60

Wed 22 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

If you are thinking of the mobiles you hang above a baby’s crib, think again! Inspired by the brightly coloured fabric hangings common in India, Nepal and many parts of Asia we will be working with fabrics, feathers and ribbons to produce beautiful strings of art that will brighten any window or doorway as they twist and turn in the breeze. Students will need a degree of dexterity to cut the fabric to their designs but will be shown how to use sharp scissors safely and effectively. We will be mainly gluing our designs together but there will be opportunities to use embroidery thread if required. Work will be ready to take home on the day

Fabulous Fish (water colour painting) £60

Thurs 23 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

Following on from our fabulously successful watercolour birds workshop in the Easter holidays [and then repeated by my art club children] I could not resist another day dedicated to watercolour painting. As the title suggests we will be studying fish [this image is of work produced by my students on the w/c bird day]. We will start with several guided exercises where I will be teaching both drawing and painting techniques. This will be followed by the opportunity for students to complete a more in depth, lengthy composition of their own design. Work will be ready to take home on the day.

Crazy birds (mixed media; collage and painting) £60

Fri 24 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

This is one for the wild imaginations. We will be making large bird collages using a variety of media; paint, glue, fabric, feathers, buttons and pretty much anything we can lay our hands on, and the great thing for you parents is that all that mess will be contained within my studio! By the time we have finished they will have a wonderful creation or two to decorate their rooms and you will still have your sanity intact. Work will be ready to take home on the day.

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