Holiday Workshops

Most courses are single day workshops in which students will be taught the skills necessary to produce their own personal artwork.

Child's watercolour painting
Children's face painting workshop
Child's wax painting

As always all workshops will be taught by myself, except Little Monsters which will be taught by illustrators Leroy Farndon-Taylor and Gavin McPhail. Classes larger than 10 children will have an additional adult present and no class will be larger than 16. All workshops take place at my studio on Stonepitts Farm, Seal Chart.

Workshop Schedule

Mon 31 Jul

Tues 1 Aug

2 Day Pottery Course

Wed 2 Aug

2 Day Pottery Course

Thurs 3 Aug

Watercolour Painting - Townscapes

Fri 4 Aug

Illustration Course - Little Monsters

Monday 7 Aug

Tues 8 Aug

Plaster Casting - Art from Nature

Wed 9 Aug

Pottery - Hares

Thurs 10 Aug

Glass Painting

Fri 11 Aug

Monday 14 Aug

Tues 15 Aug

Pottery - Elves and Pixies

Wed 16 Aug

2 day Textiles Course - Colours of the Rainbow

Thurs 17 Aug

2 day Textiles Course - Colours of the Rainbow

Fri 18 Aug

There will also be a Glaze day on Wednesday 30 August, 10-4pm for students who attended the 2 day Pottery Course, and the Elves and Pixies pottery course

To reserve a place on any of these courses, or if you have any further questions, please email:

Workshop Descriptions

2 Day Pottery Course £110

Tues 1 - Wed 2 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

One day is never quite enough when it comes to clay work! On this two day course we will be making a variety of objects including modelling and using moulds to create both functional objects and sculptural works of art. The extra day allows us to create more complicated pieces which need to dry out a little before being assembled. We will start with money-box designs [anything from piggy banks to planet earths]. We will also design and make bird mobiles/wall hangings, textured bowls and much more….Students may return on 30th Aug to glaze their own work. If they are unable to attend the glazing day I am happy to glaze their work for them. After glaze firing I will arrange a convenient date for you to pick up their work.

Pottery Course

Watercolour Painting; Townscapes £55

Thurs 3 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

Students will be taught how to use watercolours effectively. After trying out the techniques demonstrated, students will be given the opportunity to create several smaller experimental pieces before embarking on their townscape painting. We will look at the ways in which artists have depicted this fascinating subject and will draw upon their influences to create our own compositions.

Illustration Course; Little Monsters £55

Fri 4 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

Once again Leroy will be running a workshop sharing his illustration talents but this year he will be working with fellow graduate and freelance illustrator Gavin McPhail. Both artists are obsessed with drawing monsters and on this workshop they will show you how to develop your own colourful creatures. Working mainly with paper and card students will make moving cardboard cut-outs, along with other monster themed creations from greetings cards to bookmarks.

Illustration Course

Plaster Casting; Art from Nature £55

Tues 8 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

A real hands on messy day; students will be shown how to create reliefs from natural objects by making impressions into soft clay and then pouring liquid clay into their work, there-by creating a positive relief. We will make several small trial pieces in the morning before embarking on a more ambitious final plaque in the afternoon. I will provide some natural objects to use but we will also collect things from the farm. Students are welcome to bring things with them that they would like to cast [subject to suitability]

Hares; Pottery £55

Wed 9 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

The iconic symbol of the countryside and a great favourite of many an artist, hares lend themselves perfectly to a modelling workshop. We will look at how artists have depicted hares both in paintings and drawings and in sculptural forms before embarking on our own designs. We aim to produce large pieces [about 30cm high] in terracotta clay which will not need glazing. The finished work will look fantastic displayed indoors or out.


Glass Painting £55

Thurs 10 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

We will look at modern stained glass windows before using outliners and brightly coloured paints to create a glass panel of our own. Panels will be approx’ 25cm square and will be framed in tape for safety. The designs will be outlined in black to give a traditional feel, before infilling with the brightly coloured paints provided. Time permitting we will also produce a small lantern suitable for a candle or t light. Work will be ready to take home on the day.

Pottery; Elves and Pixies £55

Tues 15 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

Kids just can’t get too much magic and fantasy and what better way to let their imaginations run wild than by modelling their own fairy folk. With their tall skinny bodies elves and pixies can be a little fragile to make in clay so we will design and make a bas relief panel where the elves and pixies emerge from the clay as if by magic. We will work in terracotta clay and students can choose to either leave their creations the warm natural colour of the clay or can return on 30th August to glaze their own work. If they are unable to attend the glaze day I will be happy to glaze their work for them [a single colour of their choice].

2 day textiles course; Colours of the Rainbow £110

Wed 16 - Thurs 17 Aug | 10 - 4pm | Ages 7 - 15

This 2 day course will give us plenty of opportunities to carry out a variety of techniques that benefit from drying overnight before applying the next layer of colour. We will be using silk paints to create a wall hanging, tie-dye t-shirt in multiple colours [they will need to bring their own white t-shirt] and students will be able to choose from a variety of objects to apply their batik designs to [flag/pillow case/tote bag]. All dyes used will be child safe. They will be fixed but it does unfortunately mean they may fade on washing.

Tie die

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